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Ashley Cole's Mum denies Ferdinand slurs

PhilParsons     on 11 Dec 3:45 pm     Football     368   0  

Source: The Mirror

Ashley Cole is never far from controversy, and his name is on the front page again today after his mum and brother posted slurs about Rio Ferdinand on Facebook.

As he celebrated his side’s last minute winner in the Manchester derby, Ferdinand was hit by a coin thrown from the City section of the crowd, leaving the defender with a nasty cut above the eye. Cole’s brother Matty posted on his Facebook page shortly after: “So happy Rio got hit in the face today when he tried to give it kissing his badge!! Straight in the eye!! Made my day.” Cole’s mum commented on the post an hour later, exclaiming: “Bloody missed that, ha ha ha. Give the fan that threw it a medal!!!” She followed this up by adding: “Rio in audience at x factor, wonder if he can see?????”

When questioned by a Mirror reporter about her comments, she branded the jibes "disgusting", before stating: “I don’t know who has done that. It wasn’t me”. Although denying any connection to the remarks, The Mirror claim that the offending thread was removed within five minutes of Cole’s mum talking to the journalist.

Cole and Ferdinand’s friendship ended earlier this year, after Cole defended John Terry in court over his alleged racist abuse towards Ferdinand’s younger brother Anton. This lead to Rio Ferdinand referring to Cole as a choc-ice over Twitter, claiming he was black on the outside, but white on the inside.

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