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Andy Murray takes over @FIFAcom Twitter handle

Barnaby Read     on 11 Dec 5:12 pm     Football     451   0  

Source: @andy_murray

British tennis ace Andy Murray today took over world football governing body FIFA's Twitter account to answer questions form fans all over the world via #AskAndy. FIFA announced the initiative last week and gave fans the opportunity to send in their questions by using the hashtag before Sunday's deadline to the Scot who, during the interview, claimed his career choice was a straight decision between tennis and football.

That question was posed by FIFA president Sepp Blatter (no prizes for guessing that his tweet was answered), who asked: "Question for @andy_murray - I hear your Grandad was a footballer, did you ever think about a career in football? @FIFAcom #AskAndy". Murray responded: "AM: Hello @SeppBlatter I did. I had to make a decision between football and tennis. Tennis won. I think I made the right decision! #AskAndy".

Described by FIFA as a fantasy football enthusiast, Murray answered a great deal about his virtual team as well as his football allegiances, the best managers in the world and where he would play himself in the Arsenal side if he were Arsene Wenger ("in the Wilshere role"). It was a very clever initiative from both parties with FIFA quite clearly picking influencers in the social sphere to ask questions to Murray who will no doubt have seen a sharp rise in his following on the back of the Q & A.

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