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Andy Farrell resigns from Saracens and has England job in sights

Ashley Lambell     on 01 Jun 1:21 pm     Rugby Union     567   0  

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Saracens first-team coach Andy Farrell has resigned from his post at the Hertfordshire club in a surprising move that has left many in the rugby union world debating the reasons behind it.

Farrell had been in discussions with the Rugby Football Union earlier in the year as they sought to make the former dual-code international a permanent national coach to work alongside Stuart Lancaster, but he declined the opportunity and decided to stay at the Vicarage Road club.

But now, according to most rugby union journalists, Farrell has had a change of heart and may well have left his job at Saracens in order to retake a role with the national side, although he will not join up with England during their tour of South Africa.

Robert Kitson, the Guardian’s rugby union correspondent, believes that Farrell is sighting a return to the England coaching set-up after he tweeted: “So Andy Farrell is no longer staying with Saracens and is keen to rejoin Eng? It's been a good week for U-turns.....”

This latest decision from Farrell has shocked most of those within the game and rumours have already started to circle that the RFU had something to do with Farrell’s resignation.

But Phil Edwards, rugby union reporter for Sky Sports insists that the RFU did not pressurise Farrell into leaving his role at Saracens. Edwards tweeted: “RFU claim no pressure on Andy Farrell from them. It's his decision. He could work along side other coaches in 4 man team”

It appears that Farrell will be joining the England team at some point in the next few months but Saracens took to Twitter to send Farrell their best wishes and, in public at least, there appear to be no grudges held after they said: "We are sorry to see Andy leave, and we wish him well in the future".

Only time will tell whether Farrell’s intention was to head back and be a part of Lancaster’s coaching team but his resignation will certainly leave the players, directors and supporters of Saracens confused and shocked for a long time to come.

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