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Amir Khan apologises for posting 'Fake Money' and stripper picture on Twitter after backlash from girlfriend and fans

Michael Landon     on 11 Jun 3:38 pm     Boxing     1,586   1  

Source: Twitter

Amir Khan faced a furious backlash from fans after he posted a picture of himself with a huge wad of cash next to a stripper on a pole.

The former world champion, who is a practising Muslim, posted the picture on Twitter this weekend along with the caption: “Let's play lol”.

Khan, 25, quickly deleted the picture after his followers criticised his behaviour and claimed that his actions were disrespectful to his fiancee Faryal Makhdoom.

Now Khan has completely backtracked, issuing an apology claiming that the scantily-clad woman was not in fact a stripper and that the huge wad of cash was fake.

“Hi everyone, I want to apologise for the picture I tweeted last week. I admit It was silly of me, but I wanted to make some things clear, first the money I held was fake money the club put on our table and the girl in the back is not a stripper, she was doing acrobatics on the pole,” he wrote.

“It is not a strip club. I wud never spend or waste money that way. I was in a club as a guest but believe I did nothing wrong, that's why I tweeted the picture myself in the first place. (sic)”

His fiancee, 20, was far from impressed with the picture and tweeted: “Ew. Woke up to something very disgusting & disturbing.”

But no doubt after speaking to her loved-one, she then tweeted: “Oh well! I'll still smile through my day. Hehe.”

The New York student then defended her husband-to-be after fans were criticising Khan's behaviour.

“Everyone needs to take a chill pill. I am aware of everything my man does. Thanks for the concern. However, there's a big difference between a strip club & a normal club. I think most clubs in Vegas do have pole dancers. Even I knew that lol.”

“Also, a relationship is all about trust, not stupid stuff like this lol,” she wrote.

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Acrobats ... must remember that line.
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