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American broadcaster NBC decide not to show Usain Bolt win gold live

Barnaby Read     on 06 Aug 10:34 am     Olympics     410   0  

Source: @iamwenlock

Americans were denied live coverage of Usain Bolt's stunning 100m victory at London 2012 last night as broadcasters NBC decided against showing the Jamaican win gold live. NBC, who reportedly paid $1b to broadcast the Games, have come under stinging criticism during the Olympics after a number of high profile failures and this decision has only angered viewers further. A week into the Olympics NBC have already failed to recognise Evander Holyfield, had an Independent journalist's Twitter account suspended due to criticism of its coverage and denied their audience the majority of Danny Boyle's opening ceremony but the broadcaster's biggest blunder has to be their time-delayed coverage of some of the Games' biggest events.

Gold medallist Scott Tyler Clary highlighted the extent of the delay in NBC's coverage by retrospectively live tweeting his emotions during his swim as the race was shown on NBC. This latest move irks US fans even more for the sheer profile of the 100m event which provided many people's highlight of this summer's Olympics. During an era where social media dominates sport, its reporting and fans' engagement with both this move is somewhat inexcusable given that users of Twitter and Facebook would find the result and reaction to Bolt's win moments before, during and after the race.

Over 2bn people watched the race live on television around the globe, none of which from America, with fans such as golfer Geoff Ogilvy left disappointed by NBC's decision, "congrats to Usain Bolt too for the 100. Would have been nice to see it #NBC". A point much noted on Twitter was that NASA's Curiosity rover was able to send back images from Mars in the time it took NBC to show the 100m final. TV netwrok executive Will Dixon tweeted, "Curiousity just sent back pictures from #Mars to earth faster than NBC could let me know Bolt won Olympic 100m gold 8 hours ago".

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