About us

In only a short space of time Anchorfan has built a reputation as being the industry leader for social and digital media in sports and entertainment.

We've worked with the world’s biggest stars across football, tennis, cricket and motor sport, as well as music and entertainment. See our client case studies for results of our work so far.

Relationships with key social networks and digital companies allow us to provide our clients with the most innovative and successful solutions, with exclusive benefits.

We provide a full service as well as bespoke one-off solutions to our clients; these are outlined in Our Services.


  1. Michael Grime

    Michael has worked in sports and entertainment for over ten years. Having recognised the ever-increasing impact of social and digital in sports and entertainment he founded Anchorfan to provide a comprehensive management service to star clients.

  2. Doron Salomon

    Before joining Anchorfan Doron worked with tech and sports brands, assisting them with their social media. Today he looks after Anchorfan’s clients on a day-to-day basis, helping them with their digital and social media needs.

    Doron brings with him passion and knowledge for sport, as well as a thorough understanding of the industry.



Unparalleled industry relationships


Reached 32m fans on Facebook for commercial partner posts


Experience across sport, music and entertainment


We have created and managed over 30 million likes and followers across the world.
  • 01 Facebook
  • 02 Twitter
  • 03 Instagram
  • 04 Sina
  • 01 Facebook

    23 Million
  • 02 Twitter

    6.5 Million
  • 03 Instagram

    2.5 Million
  • 04 Sina

    1 Million